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Official name: Republic of Belarus

Continent: Europe

American bully puppies  - Billy (025)

American bully puppies

Lilac and Merle American Bully puppies for sale. Pocket type puppies, powerful, with beautiful heads and good muscles. The pedigree contains the best dogs known throughout the world. Puppies have vaccinations, chip, passport, puppy card. Delivery is possib...

Updated: 18.01.2024

Price: 1800 EUR

Breed: Billy (025)

Category: Puppies for sale

Caucasian Shepherd Dog - Caucasian Shepherd Dog (328)

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Aboriginal Shorthaired Caucasian Shepherd puppies for sale. Born on 10/12/2022. Puppies are sociable and inquisitive. No food allergies or other problems. Great psyche. Parents from the Caucasus. Excellent protection of your territory. Working qualities ar...

Updated: 06.02.2023

Price: 450 EUR

Breed: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (328)

Category: Puppies for sale

Shiba inu puppies - Shiba Inu (257)

Shiba inu puppies

Shiba inu puppies. with a pedigree, parents are champions. chip, veterinary passport, bargaining, worldwide delivery. all vaccinations are done, ready to move to a new home write to whatsapp

Updated: 24.03.2022

Price: 1000 EUR

Breed: Shiba Inu (257)

Category: Puppies for sale

Bully  - American Bulldog


American Bully puppies for sale, presumed type of micro / pocket chocolate color. The ABKC pedigree contains the best US bloodlines - Hazard and Rockomania. Parents of puppies have excellent conformation, balanced breed temperament, love children very much...

Updated: 15.09.2021

Price: 1800 EUR

Breed: American Bulldog

Category: Puppies for sale

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