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Sheltie Christmas family

Amber Ray

We are a small family kennel of our 2 beautifull shelties and their puppies. We love to sport, to do agility and participate in agility with our dogs, and also puppies are doing this very well!

Updated: 13.02.2024

Country: Latvia

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (088)

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Dajana's Pearl

I'm breeding black&silver and american party miniature schnauzers. My kennel is located in Hungary, near the lake Balaton. Please visit my website :-)

Updated: 24.01.2024

Country: Hungary

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer (183)

Thailand Ridgeback,,vom Crown Hill'' - jungmanndidi

Thailand Ridgeback ,,vom Crown Hill''

Oldest active Thailand Ridgeback breeders in Germany! We breed under the umbrella of CER / VDH / FCI. We therefore breed according to the strict guidelines and regulations of these associations and always strive to breed according to the international bree...

Updated: 01.11.2023

Country: Germany

Breed: Thai Ridgeback Dog (338)

Patte du Roi - Vladěna Číšecká

Patte du Roi

We are a small family kennel where we are extremely concerned about the health of our dogs and our breedings. We want to breed typical representatives of the continental bulldog.

Updated: 19.10.2023

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Continental bulldog

Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel - gyurika

Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Anita Orosz Gyuráczné, and I am involved in dog breeding. Animals have been an essential part of my life since I was six years old. My parents were also involved in dog breeding, and that's when I fell in love with...

Updated: 24.08.2023

Country: Hungary

Breed: Poodle (172)

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Summer Lakes Australian Cobberdog

We are boutique Australian Cobberdogs breeder in EU, Lithuania. Dogs came all the way from Australia in order to get the best progeny lines. Breeder registered both in Lithuania and Australia, documents are issued by Australia’s MDBA as this is purebreed i...

Updated: 21.05.2023

Country: Lithuania

Breed: Crossbreed

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