Dogs and puppies for sale in Slovakia

Official name: Slovak Republic

Continent: Europe

Dogo Canario - Dogo Canario (346)

Dogo Canario

Dogo Queen kennel offers Great Dane puppies (presa canario) by parents Eloy Valachiadog x Judy Kujumdjiev. Both parents with us. The puppies are with PP FCI, PET passport, purchase contract, chipped...

Last update: 01. Jan, 2022

Price: Obchodovateľný

Breed: Dogo Canario (346)

Category: Puppies for sale

Kangal puppies - Anatolian Shepherd Dog (331)

Kangal puppies

The Intacto kennel offers the possibility of booking a planned combination of two excellent animals in nature and outdoors. Date of birth 10.-11. 9. 2021. Litter "G". Dam: Darma Ilk Panter I...

Last update: 15. Nov, 2021

Price: 1000 EUR

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd Dog (331)

Category: Puppies for sale

Thai ridgeback - Thai Ridgeback Dog (338)

Thai ridgeback

❤️❤️We are very happy to announce Our beautiful NEW that we are expecting puppies from Mama AYA HALI MELODY MAKER DOG and BANYASA in Our kennel FCI registered as La Vita Chim (Import Thailand - NEW BL...

Last update: 04. Nov, 2021

Price: 1300 EUR

Breed: Thai Ridgeback Dog (338)

Category: Puppies for sale

Chow chow - Chow Chow (205)

Chow chow

Super Calm and Nice chow chow. She is allready super far with sit and Also to pie and go for toilet outside. Contact me on number or whatsapp. Im danish guy Living in Kosice

Last update: 26. Jul, 2021

Price: 850 EUR

Breed: Chow Chow (205)

Category: Puppies for sale

Puppies - Beauceron - Beauceron (044)

Puppies - Beauceron

Esprit de la Croix Double kennel offers beauceron puppies with quality pedigree, completely veterinarily treated, with preconditions for exhibitions, training, sports and leisure activities. The fathe...

Last update: 20. May, 2021

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Beauceron (044)

Category: Puppies for sale

Rottweiler - Rotvajler (147)


The Grossen Tal kennel offers puppies for booking with a highly promising connection of two interesting individuals. both mother excellent in every way !!! The father of the puppies Tor vom Hause Dro...

Last update: 17. May, 2021

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Rottweiler (147)

Category: Puppies for sale

Amstaff Puppy - American Staffordshire Terrier (286)

Amstaff Puppy

Im selling my puppy 9 weeks old because of private reasons. She is wonderful

Last update: 23. Oct, 2020

Price: 100 EUR

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier (286)

Category: Puppies for sale

CHS JEFRABOX - Nemecký boxer (144)


We have two boxer males available. Both parents health tested FCI pedigree Sir: ICh Wow Wow vom Kaiserfelsen Dam: JCh Freya II Karmapa

Last update: 06. Oct, 2020

Price: Negotiable

Breed: German Boxer (144)

Category: Puppies for sale

Husky samojed SAMUSKY - Siberian Husky (270)

Husky samojed SAMUSKY

I am selling beautifully healthy husky puppies (Samusky) born in 3.7.2020 (collection possible from approx. 25.8.20, both are Siberian breeds, have self-cleaning coat, very similar in nature, are suit...

Last update: 06. Aug, 2020

Price: 400€ur

Breed: Siberian Husky (270)

Category: Puppies for sale

Weimarský stavač - Weimarský stavač (099)

Weimarský stavač

I take reservations for weimar puppies. Only male puppies are available for booking. I will provide more information by e-mail or by phone.

Last update: 25. Jun, 2020

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Weimaraner (099)

Category: Puppies for sale