Dogs and puppies for sale in Czech Republic

Official name: Czech Republic

Continent: Europe

Brittany Spaniel - Brittany Spaniel (095)

Brittany Spaniel

CHS from Svatojánská cesta back puppies of Bretagne Hound to hunting-led and show-successful parents. 2 females and 1 male are available. They will go to their new homes dewormed, vaccinated and chipp...

Last update: 24. Sep, 2023

Price: By agreement

Breed: Brittany Spaniel (095)

Category: Puppies for sale

Australian shepherd puppies - Australian Shepherd (342)

Australian shepherd puppies

CHS Dům v zahradě offer for reservation 3 puppies-dogs in the color black-tri with long tails from excellent parents DANDY STORM Černý kondor a BESSIE BLACK BLOOM Dům v zahradě (foto). Very nice exter...

Last update: 12. Sep, 2023

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Australian Shepherd (342)

Category: Puppies for sale

Cavapoo puppy - Poodle (172)

Cavapoo puppy

Hello, we will have puppies of Cavapoo for sale, please for more info contact me on

Last update: 14. Aug, 2023

Price: 1000 EUr

Breed: Poodle (172)

Category: Puppies for sale

Females with FCI & AKIHO pedigree - Akita-Inu (255)

Females with FCI & AKIHO pedigree

Kennel Kuroma is accepting reservations for 2 female Akita inu born on 18/07/2023 Mother: Kayakasumii Go Yamawaru kensha- import Hungary DKK: A, DLK 0, OCD neg/neg, spondylosis: 0, full dentition Fath...

Last update: 08. Aug, 2023

Price: 1700€

Breed: Akita (255)

Category: Puppies for sale

Toy Fox Terriers - PP FCI registered - Fox Terrier Smooth (012)

Toy Fox Terriers - PP FCI registered

Toy Fox Terriers puppies avalaible ♥ Male a Female We offer Toy Fox Terrier puppies for sale. Suitable for active people and as a family companion. Czech Republic - South Bohemia. Non-binding visits w...

Last update: 07. Aug, 2023

Price: 1600 EUR

Breed: Fox Terrier Smooth (012)

Category: Puppies for sale

Puppies with Pedigree - Belgian Malinois Shepherd - Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)

Puppies with Pedigree - Belgian Malinois Shepherd

The Labský pramen breeding station has Belgian Shepherd Malinois puppies with Pedigree available for adoption. They were born on June 13, 2023. There are now only 4 male puppies left for adoption, and...

Last update: 01. Aug, 2023

Price: 1100 EUR

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)

Category: Puppies for sale

Flat coated retriever s PP - Flat coated retrívr (121)

Flat coated retriever s PP

Kennel “ od Turoveckých rybníků “ puppy black male availeble - 🇩🇪father: Cuiviénen Gil-Estel HD A ED 0/0Výstavy: VZkoušky: JEPs, JAS, Prfg. m. leb Ente (HZP), HZP, Abschlussprfg. Abrichtelehrgang🇨🇿ma...

Last update: 24. Jul, 2023

Price: 1300 EUR

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever (121)

Category: Puppies for sale

Russian  toy - Russkiy Toy (352)

Russian toy

We are entering the last dog of the Russian Toy breed. A small, few, unrefined, attractive social breed unburdened by diseases with an adult weight of around 3 kg. The dog is suitable for breeding or...

Last update: 21. Jul, 2023

Price: 1300 EUR

Breed: Russian Toy (352)

Category: Puppies for sale

sale puppies Curly Coated Retriever  - Curly Coated Retriever (110)

Sale puppies Curly Coated Retriever

14th. 7.2023 am Curly Coated Retriever puppies were born. Both bella and the Dutch dog are interchampions with both a clean stress and visual test. This is an excellent progeny, the bitch is hunted....

Last update: 17. Jul, 2023

Price: 1 EUR

Breed: Curly Coated Retriever (110)

Category: Puppies for sale

Beagle puppies for sale - Beagle (161)

Beagle puppies for sale

Beagle puppies for sale with papers. Born in June. Five dogs and one female.

Last update: 26. Jun, 2023

Price: 1500 EUR

Breed: Beagle (161)

Category: Puppies for sale