Bloodhound (084) puppies for sale

FCI number: 084

Original name: Chien de Saint-Hubert

Country of origin: Belgium, France

Bloodhound - Bloodhound (084)


Buy a beautiful bloodhound breed puppies. Breed with an excellent nose for tracing wounded animals as well as missing persons. Breed suitable as a family friend Since it despite its size characterized...

Last update: 17. May, 2017

Country: Slovakia

Price: 1000 EUR

Category: Puppies for sale

Show class Bloodhound puppies for sale from Hungary - Bloodhound (084)

Show class Bloodhound puppies for sale from Hungary

Lovely puppies, from Junior and Senior Hungarian and Romanian Senior champion Mother (MEOE Res. CACIB ex.1 MEOE CAC ex. 1./ MEOE HPJ ex. 1. / MEOE HFGY ex. 1 / MEOE HPJ/Junior Winner ex. 1. Best Junio...

Last update: 22. Aug, 2016

Country: Hungary

Price: Negotiable

Category: Puppies for sale

bloodhound puppies - Bloodhound (084)

bloodhound puppies

bloodhound puppies for sale father and mother are champion comes with excellent blood.more

Last update: 27. Aug, 2013

Country: Slovakia

Price: negotiable

Category: Puppies for sale