Shadow White de Pepa

First was Domino Rosa White from Prostějov of Mrs.Žemličková.Quick we falled in love to him spell.Personality of this darling was indeed with out mistake.He love man and children, he is actor freqrently he entertains all company and he goes us to his games.Ball is his big friend.

Because is better to live in couple.We went to Prag to Mrs.Snížková and we bought bitch Josefina of Bianco Olgas (*6. 8. 2005) .Pepi chose me alone.She still jumpedin cood than we resisted.Again was personality prove of miniature white schnauzer.She is kind,dear, power docile-simply honey.So we haved two white honeys.

After time I come to a conclusion,then this rase of dog took me in such a degree and I resolveded to brought new blade to Czech republic.The holidays were full contact.The end I decided for white schnauzer of Belorussia-Armani Genstat (* 2. 6. 2008).

Armani surmout my expectations.He is usually wonderful.I will be, so very like, then he include to breeding and he will be to benefit developments of white schnauzer in Czech republic.White schnauzers are so wonderfull.A few anybody tham resist.And so says our veterinarian.“Then I see black schnauzer, I take two glove, then I see pepper and salt I have only one glove and if come to me your dogs so I cuddee a white schnauzers.

Now we have a lot of schnauzers - Female - Ch. Berenica Hajan Polonia - import Poland, Female - Ch. Blaylock Is Magic - import Spain, Male - ICh. Hugo Boss Boltres - import Latvia, Female - I am Olivia Larigosh - import from Ukraine, Female - Ch. Ala Matylda Shadow White de Pepa- she is from our kennel., Male . Ich. Armani Genstat- import Belarus.

Breed: Schnauzer (182)
Breed note: Miniature white Schnauzers

Shadow White de Pepa - JulllietkaShadow White de Pepa - JulllietkaShadow White de Pepa - Julllietka

Licences: Shadow White de Pepa - Julllietka

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Contact person: Iva Sichnarkova
Phone: +420777248867
Locality: Poruba, Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic

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