German Spitz


Beautiful fluffy white puppies ready for a new home. Playful, cheerful, and polite dogs. They eat dry biscuits and wet puppy food on their own but also clean cat bowls regulary. Used to all the pets, our big family, and everyday noise. We are learning to pee on the mat because everything is still wet outside. The parents of the puppies and their guardian aunts live with us and we all take care of the babies together. Cleaned pests and bathed in anti-bug shampoo. Get in touch if you want to see them and ask anything you are interested in. We have had Spitze for 16 years. They are obedient, great with children, they are cute, but they are also fence guards from the postman, that suspicious guy who reads the water, or uninvited neighbors. Their hair has no smell and does not cause allergies, regular brushing and bathing every two to three weeks are enough if they live in your house. They love nature and being outside, and after they get wet they are very quickly dry and white as snow. They get their full coat form by the age of three, the coat is straight and does not tangle, and in winter they have a fine undercoat, so they always look slightly shaggy and fluffy, soft to the touch. They are great for children as they can be walked on a leash without being dragged along the road. They are very obedient and happily accept orders. They learn a lot, but they learn the most in coexistence with the family, so they behave the way you behave, they make little imitators. They pray a lot for food, and you have to keep it under control because when they look at you with those eyes, they can do anything and get everything they want. The weight varies from 5 to 6 kg. The height of an adult cat. If you need a long-term friend and unconditional love, then this is the dog for you. You can watch videos on YouTube, just enter my profile name Anita golic in the search...

Category: Puppies for sale
Pedigree certificate: Without certificate of origin
Breed: German Spitz (097)
Breed note: White German Spitz Klein, Pomeranian
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 13.12.2022
Price: 550 EUR

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Contact person: Anita Golić
Phone: +385916110318
Social network:
Place: Petrinja, Općina Petrinja, Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia
Country: Croatia

Petrinja, Općina Petrinja, Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia

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