Italian Spinone puppies


*one male and one female - white left*

I’m in the first town as you enter Lithuania from Latvia. Pups ready to travel end of April -beginning of May - microchipped and fully vaccinated including rabies vaccination - with pedigree documents + passport.

Spinone Italiano puppies were born on the 12th of January 2023. These puppies are very first Italian Spinone puppies born in Lithuania.

Parents information:
Father from the UK - Darrowdale Robber Baron (Nemo - White and Orange). He comes from a line of show dogs and working hunting dogs. His temperament - calm and loyal. Hes a good guard dog within his own territory but happily will sit under the table at a coffee shop.
He collected all the qualifications: LTCAC x 2 plus LTCAC international, CACIB, N x 2 — LT CH title.

Mother from Estonia - LT J CH Netravati Amici Arabela (Estonia) - Tula. Shes very affectionate and loves being outdoors - could spend all day outside!

Will deliver puppies to other countries including UK with European passport, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Each puppy will go home with a parcel of some food, toy, a blanket containing a smell of their mother and siblings and some information on the breed.

Spinone are hunting dogs (Hunt-Point-Retrieve) but make great pets as well as being a working dog if youre looking for a hunting dog. Theyre easily trained and enjoy being outdoors. They have good stamina and require exercise of at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.
Their fur is corse and has no undercoat so theres no doggy smell in the house.

Spinoni are good with children and other dogs of other breeds. Theyre very social animal and are happy to live in the city as well as countryside. They adapt well to your lifestyle so will make great companion and a family member. Theyre okay with cats as long as they grow up with a cat already being in the house from a small age.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to message me (you can use WhatsApp) or find us on social media and send us a message on there.

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Thank you

Category: Puppies for sale
Pedigree certificate: With certificate of origin
Breed: Italian Wire-Haired Pointing Dog - Spinone (165)
Gender: Male, Female
Birthdate: 12.01.2023
Price: 1500 EUR


Contact person: Sigita
Phone: +37067070735
Place: Joniskis, Lithuania
Country: Lithuania

Joniskis, Lithuania

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