Dogs and puppies for sale in Czech Republic

Official name: Czech Republic

Continent: Europe

Tibetan Mastiff Puppies for sale - Tibetan Mastiff (230)

Tibetan Mastiff Puppies for sale

We have purbreed puppies that be ready from 18.1.2020 to go to new homes. The come with shots and Health certificates. We have already free one black girl and two gold boys

Last update: 25. Dec, 2019

Price: By appointment

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff (230)

Category: Puppies for sale

Tibetan terier - Tibetan Terrier (209)

Tibetan terier

Beautiful puppies of Tibetan Terriers 1 month old after top parents. They will be available at the beginning of January. Father import England, mother import Sweden both parents have health tests and...

Last update: 07. Dec, 2019

Price: 1 EUR

Breed: Tibetan Terrier (209)

Category: Puppies for sale

Basset hound puppies Queen´s Hermelín kennel - Basset Hound (163)

Basset hound puppies Queen´s Hermelín kennel

Basset hound very nice puppies females are available, beautiful face, great ears, strong bone, legs wrinkles and great confident personality . Potential for show and breeding - 100 % european bloo...

Last update: 13. Nov, 2019

Price: 1 200 EUR

Breed: Basset Hound (163)

Category: Puppies for sale

Miniature Schnauzer pepper and salt - Miniature Schnauzer (183)

Miniature Schnauzer pepper and salt

Kennel Tarr-Winn offers puppies born 11.04.2019. The puppies are completely vaccinated, chipped, with Europas. They come from a high-quality connection to parents. Mother Gaga Lady Astonaut from Czech...

Last update: 27. Aug, 2019

Price: 700 Euro

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer (183)

Category: Puppies for sale

Keeshond puppies for sale - pedigree FCI  - German Spitz (097)

Keeshond puppies for sale - pedigree FCI

Wolfspitz / Keeshond puppies for sale. Wolfspitz / Keeshond mit papieren FCI zu kaufen. Pedigree FCI. Litter U. Re-Jan Moravia. Born 5 females and 5 males. Unique blood, excellent exterior, show type...

Last update: 20. Jul, 2019

Price: Negotiable

Breed: German Spitz (097)

Category: Puppies for sale

Malinois puppies - Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)

Malinois puppies

Kennel Moravicus Thesaurus offers malinois puppies available for reservation. Father: INGO VAN DE LEMAHOF (NL) (Badjo van Robbyfarm + Makecha’s Chita) KNPV – PH1, PH2 and tracking certificate, KNPV c...

Last update: 08. Nov, 2018

Price: 800 EUR

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)

Category: Puppies for sale

Weimaraner puppies for sale-Kennel weimaraner FROM SCHWARZENBERG PARK

We accept booking of our puppies from a proven, top-notch combination of excellent parents, exterier and character preconditions. Father: Marfy's Conty (Cuba's brother from Marfy the Vice-World Champi...

Last update: 11. Jun, 2018

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Weimaraner (099)

Category: Puppies for sale

Briard puppies FCI - Briard (113)

Briard puppies FCI

Kennel La Xalia Noire offers black puppies from litter D. Both parents are champions and the mother has two tests of herding sheep. Puppies grow up in a family environment. At the time of departure to...

Last update: 23. Apr, 2018

Price: Agreement EUR

Breed: Briard (113)

Category: Puppies for sale

Italian Greyhound with pedigree FCI - Italian Greyhound (200)

Italian Greyhound with pedigree FCI

Italian greyhound - puppies with pedigree, balck color. Puppies are strong but tiny skeletons. Male is offered for exhibitions and breeding. It is very high quality, free of defects and shortcomings....

Last update: 02. Mar, 2018

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Italian Greyhound (200)

Category: Puppies for sale

Spinone Italiano puppies - Italian Wire-Haired Pointing Dog - Spinone (165)

Spinone Italiano puppies

Kennel FROM PLUM THE ALLEY offeres puppies with international pedigree born on September 21st, 2016, available and of December 2016, beginning of 2017. The best for hunting and family family member. B...

Last update: 21. Feb, 2018

Price: 1 Euro

Breed: Italian Wire-Haired Pointing Dog - Spinone (165)

Category: Puppies for sale