For sale German Shepherd puppies

6 males and 2 females, one male is all-black, sable other. Born September 22, 2014. Prerequisite excellent traits, nice exterior. Puppies will be 3 x dewormed, vaccinated, tattooed, reared outdoors. Collection from 10 November 2014.
Q: Xerro vom Haus Pixner - BH, SPr1, IPO3, VD, HD A / A, ED 0/0, B: 5CV1 / P, II. class, DNA
M: Shayla Moravia Artex - BH, SPR 1, ZVV1, VD, HD A / A, ED 0/0, B: 5V1 / N, First Class, DNA
Both parents have developed strong prey instinct, excellent defender.
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Category: Puppies for sale
Papers: Yes, it has
Breed: German Shepherd Dog (166)
Breed note: German Shepherd puppies
Gender: Bitch, Male
Date of birth: 22. Sep, 2014
Price: 400 EUR

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Contact person: Hana Radovesnická
Phone: +420608227827
Locality: Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic

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