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Beautiful Russian Wolfhound - Borzoi Puppies


Beautiful Borzoi puppies looking for new loving homes.

Puppies with excellent pedigree, directly descended from the famous “Perchino" kennel, founded in 1887 by the grandson of Tsar Nicholas I, the Grand Duke Nicholas Nicolaievich Romanow.

In the past ownership of Borzois was limited to members of the highest nobility and for centuries Borzois could not be purchased but only given as gifts from the Tsar.

The Borzoi is known for its elegant and grateful outline, luscious coat and typical long head. Borzois are generally calm and seen as companion-ship dogs because they form strong bonds with their owners.

Dam - Carica Mariya Albus
Sire - Maksim z Leśnego Potoku

Pedigree: https://borzoi.breedarchive.com/animal/testmating?dam_uuid=e9e8d48b-f346-4415-af93-261a2e178e97&sire_uuid=3079ebf6-e4e4-4142-a903-764bd0e9ef9d

FCI documents, Szczecin, Poland

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Category: Puppies for sale
Pedigree certificate: With certificate of origin
Breed: Borzoi - Russian Hunting Sighthound (193)
Gender: Male, Female
Birthdate: 08.09.2021
Price: 1999 EUR


Contact person: Zbigniew Waligóra
Phone: +48604543700
Social network: https://www.facebook.com/westendpark.borzoi
Place: Szczecin, Miasto Szczecin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
Country: Poland

Szczecin, Miasto Szczecin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

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