Puppies with Pedigree - Belgian Malinois Shepherd


The Labský pramen breeding station has Belgian Shepherd Malinois puppies with Pedigree available for adoption. They were born on June 13, 2023. There are now only 4 male puppies left for adoption, and they can be taken immediately.

These puppies are expected to have excellent social skills, a willingness to cooperate with humans, and enthusiasm for any task. They are suitable both for sports and as active companions for families, but not recommended as garden guards.

The puppies will go to their new homes vaccinated, with an international passport, and microchipped. Breeding support and starter packs are included.

The father is Kraken Clever Fox, a social athlete, non-conflicting, and non-aggressive. You can find more information about him at https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/6435389/Kraken-Clever-Fox. He is featured in the last three photographs.

The mother is Briliant Belgian from Baštova dvora. She is a family dog with a great temperament. She handles different surfaces, large crowds of people, animals, public transport, and other dogs without conflicts. She has undergone health tests with HD A/A, ED 0, and Spondy frei. She has also passed the BH-VT and IGP-V exams.

All the puppies are daily socialized, both in outdoor and indoor environments (from the 4th week, mainly outdoors). They are exposed to various animals such as dogs, chickens, and cats. They interact with people of different age groups, including toddlers, adolescents, and adults. They are also accustomed to the sounds of various tools like drills, chainsaws, hammers, straight saws, and lawnmowers. Additionally, they are exposed to simulated gunshot sounds from a gas (starting) firearm without any adverse reactions. This socialization helps them become well-adjusted and confident in different situations and environments.

Phone calls only in the Czech language. I prefer SMS or email jindrich.jebavy@seznam.cz

Category: Puppies for sale
Pedigree certificate: With certificate of origin
Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)
Breed note: Malinois
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 13.06.2023
Price: 1100 EUR

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Contact person: Jindřich
Phone: +420734500333
Place: Ústí nad Labem-Střekov, Ústí nad Labem District, Ústí nad Labem Region, Czechia
Country: Czech Republic

Ústí nad Labem-Střekov, Ústí nad Labem District, Ústí nad Labem Region, Czechia

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