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Britcherst Dog kennel - Radka Kminiaková

Britcherst Dog kennel

We are kennel English Bulldog from Czech Republic in location Central Bohemia. English bulldog breed for more than 23 years. Kennel was founded in 1999. We are members of the Bulld...

Last update: 03. Jan, 2023

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Bulldog (149)

Tauro kennel - Tauro Kennel

Tauro kennel

In 1994 I founded Tauro Kennel, a loving home where we breed Pomeranian Spitzes, Maltese Bichons and Bichon Frises. I raise all dogs as my own children, giving them love, personal...

Last update: 27. Dec, 2022

Country: Lithuania

Breed: Pomeranian

Cairn terrier and caucasian shepherd Russtil K.O. - Marian Stanga

Cairn terrier and caucasian shepherd Russtil K.O.

If you want to know us better you must know this about us : does not matter where we are, we always have dogs with us, does not matter what jobs we have, we always are there for ou...

Last update: 15. Dec, 2022

Country: Romania

Breed: Cairn Terrier (004)

Oh my dog! - Shiko

Oh my dog

Novice pedigree breeder of Boerboels. Keen on responsible breeding. We vet you to determine if you are a good match for rehoming our pups.

Last update: 09. Dec, 2022

Country: Kenya

Breed: Boerboel

Westtano kennel - Csilla Papadopol

Westtano kennel

Hello. My name și Papadopol Csilla i live in Cluj Napoca Romania ( Transilvania) We have a small kennel ,his members are beagles and labradors 2 breeds that get alonge very well. A...

Last update: 20. Nov, 2022

Country: Romania

Breed: Beagle (161)

Rancho Jerez - Edyta Engh

Rancho Jerez

We have a small kennel with dogs living at home and in the big garden. Dogs are our big passion, our life and they are members of the family. We have over 25 years of selection bre...

Last update: 17. Oct, 2022

Country: Spain

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)

Silver Phoenix  - szendebogdan

Silver Phoenix

Offer male and female puppies for show and company. Excellent pedigree, genetic tests, vaccination, health book, passport.

Last update: 05. Oct, 2022

Country: Romania

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer (183)

Sweet Journey - nosalkoval

Sweet Journey

Kennel bergel berge - tervueren

Last update: 21. Sep, 2022

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (015)

Silesia Setter - Petr Malohlava

Silesia Setter

FCI Kennel of the Gordonsetr breed in the Czech Republic. Since 2007

Last update: 15. Aug, 2022

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Gordon Setter (006)

Canislog - breeding station GSD in Slovakia - canislog

Canislog - breeding station GSD in Slovakia

Breeding station GSD from Poprad, Slovakia.

Last update: 09. Aug, 2022

Country: Slovakia

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (166)