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Esprit de la Croix Double - Jozef Žigray

Esprit de la Croix Double

Esprit de la Croix Double beauceron kennel all kind of sport, shows, family, guarding ... English, French, Russian speaking. Šurany Slovakia

Last update: 02. Jan, 2017

Country: Slovakia

Breed: Beauceron (044)

Shadow White de Pepa - Julllietka

Shadow White de Pepa

First was Domino Rosa White from Prostějov of Mrs.Žemličková.Quick we falled in love to him spell.Personality of this darling was indeed with out mistake.He love man and children,...

Last update: 26. Sep, 2016

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Schnauzer (182)

Crystal Ice - Lenka Hauková

Crystal Ice

Kennel Crystal Ice breeds puppies chinese crested dog for shows.

Last update: 18. Aug, 2016

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Chinese Crested Dog (288)

Magic of Morion - Eva Králová

Magic of Morion

We are a small Kennel on the South Moravia, Czech Republic. We breed small short-haired dachshunds of various colour.

Last update: 05. Jul, 2016

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Dachshund (148)

Libami - Michal Kyncl


Visit us at and feel free to contact us via email We breed with love, in clean conditions, we are trying our puppies to be used on every possi...

Last update: 08. Jan, 2016

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Irish Wolfhound (160)

Silvento - silvento


Italian greyhound kennel in Ukraine.

Last update: 24. Dec, 2014

Country: Ukraine

Breed: Italian Greyhound (200)

Catahoula leopard dog - Numa

Catahoula leopard dog

Offer for covering 3-year-old stud dog.

Last update: 03. Dec, 2014

Country: Slovakia

Breed: Catahoula Cur

Dolmar z Alkazaru - SylvieVer

Dolmar z Alkazaru

You can find our komondor kennel in Wallachia-Lachia, in a small village called “Žilina”. There is still live tradition of shepherding in our region, so our dogs can see sheep ever...

Last update: 01. Jul, 2014

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: Komondor (053)

Tesori Di Carli - Carlia

Tesori Di Carli

04/23/2014 The kennel Tesori di Carli FCI born in Poland, 3 beautiful females breed Italian Greyhound. 2 silver and 1 black Parents are: mother J.Ch.Pl Ch.Pl PT PEVONIA Kind of Not...

Last update: 19. Jun, 2014

Country: Poland

Breed: Italian Greyhound (200)

z BasiSfory

Home based flat & curly coated retriever kennel from Poland.

Last update: 18. Jun, 2014

Country: Poland

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever (121)