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Latest dogs and puppies for sale around the world

Bedlington terrier - Bedlington Terrier (009)

Bedlington terrier

Kennel Amparador is offering Bedlington Terrier puppies for sell. Very promising for shows and work. Colour are: blue and blue & tan. D.O.B. 26.5.2021 F: Guard Slovansky perun...

Last update: 16. Jun, 2021

Country: Czech Republic

Price: 1300 EUR

Breed: Bedlington Terrier (009)

Category: Puppies for sale

Siberian Husky puppies reservations - Siberian Husky (270)

Siberian Husky puppies reservations

We offer Siberian Husky puppies open for reservations. We offer 2 males. Male No. 3 is Black-tan with white point with agouti genes, has a full mask, the third puppy is agouti. Pup...

Last update: 30. May, 2021

Country: Serbia

Price: 950 EUR

Breed: Siberian Husky (270)

Category: Puppies for sale

Puppies - Beauceron - Beauceron (044)

Puppies - Beauceron

Esprit de la Croix Double kennel offers beauceron puppies with quality pedigree, completely veterinarily treated, with preconditions for exhibitions, training, sports and leisure a...

Last update: 20. May, 2021

Country: Slovakia

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Beauceron (044)

Category: Puppies for sale

Rottweiler - Rotvajler (147)


The Grossen Tal kennel offers puppies for booking with a highly promising connection of two interesting individuals. both mother excellent in every way !!! The father of the puppi...

Last update: 17. May, 2021

Country: Slovakia

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Rottweiler (147)

Category: Puppies for sale

Welsh Corgi Cardigan - Welsh Corgi Cardigan (038)

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Representing FCI Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies. Date of birth 13.04.21. This is 3rd litter of Cleopathra and Pontiak which contains of 3 girls and 3 boys. There are tri color and br...

Last update: 04. May, 2021

Country: Russia

Price: Negotiable

Breed: Welsh Corgi Cardigan (038)

Category: Puppies for sale

Latest dog breeders around the world

Alba Bestia - OlgaWonder

Alba Bestia

Our dogs have excellent exterior, stable mentality and interesting pedigrees. We contact with our dogs and puppies every day many times, they have great socialization and can adapt...

Last update: 26. Mar, 2021

Country: Ukraine

Breed: Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog (201)

Kennel FCI-UKU labrador retriever MERI-STUART - MERI-STUART

Kennel FCI-UKU labrador retriever MERI-STUART

Kennel labrador retriever FCI-UKU - MERI-STUART

Last update: 15. Mar, 2021

Country: Ukraine

Breed: Labrador Retriever (122)

Top Shepherd Perlez

Family-run kennel located in the country-side breeding healthy and loved dogs (German Shepherds and Welsh Corgis Pembroke).

Last update: 28. Nov, 2020

Country: Serbia

Breed: Welsh Corgi Pembroke (039)

Ejmi-Lu kennel - Lucie Zlámalová

Ejmi-Lu kennel

Jsme malá chovatelská stanice zabývající se chovem psů plemene Německý špic vlčí / Keeshond s PP. Klademe důraz na kvalitní exteriér, zdraví a povahu. Odchovali jsme již několik šp...

Last update: 26. Jul, 2020

Country: Czech Republic

Breed: German Spitz (097)

Kinu Liutas kennel  - Oleksandr Khilyk

Kinu Liutas kennel

My dogs it’s your dream

Last update: 22. Apr, 2020

Country: Ukraine

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff (230)